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Electronics Packaging

Module Design: Our engineers and designers have the experience to interpret a RF Engineers’ block diagram and parts list and transform it into a 3D mechanical package. This effort includes circuit partitioning for EMI/RFI isolations and special machining and gasketing techniques based on the frequency and power requirements of the module. In some cases, RF isolation will require glass or threaded feed thrus for pocket to pocket interconnect. Many of the high frequency modules we design require exotic metallic plating, such as gold or silver, depending on their environment. Software Tools: Pro-Engineer, Solid Works and AutoCAD.

Systems Design: Cobra Design & Engineering, Inc. is very familiar with military configurations such as ATR (Air Transport Equipment) and 19” rack EIA (Electronics Industries Assoc.).  We have also designed full systems given customer allowed envelop, footprint or volume. To reduce cabling and increase manufacturability and assembly we incorporate blind mate connections where ever possible. Our solid modeling design tools help us to route rigid RF cabling to maximize RF performance and ease assembly.