In addition to our engineering services, we also offer the following product lines. Contact us today for a quote!

Shock and Vibration Mounting Trays

Cobra Design & Engineering, Inc. has designed, analyzed and produced a wide variety of custom electronics mounting tray assemblies for use in land, air and sea based applications. Our trays have been qualified using both Finite Element Analysis simulation and physical MIL qualification testing, including vibration, shock (crash safety, transportation), salt spray, humidity and temperature.

Prior tray customers include: SAIC/Leidos, Raytheon, Thales Group and Northrop Grumman

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Competing diplexer and triplexer designs employ bulky, machined cavity housings and cannot deliver full duplex UHF SATCOM- communications capability in a compact, affordable, light-weight package. We have developed a unique design approach that results in a light-weight, affordable diplexer/triplexer that is rugged enough to withstand the tough environments of portable or deployable applications while meeting the electrical requirements of a full duplex UHF SATCOM Diplexer/Triplexer.

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Mobile User Objective System (MUOS)

Our unique design approach for the Lightweight UHF SATCOM / MUOS Diplexer.

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